Theatre Experience

I have received training in acting and screenwriting from the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre (summer 2016) and the UCLA Extension School of Writing (2012, 2017). I’ve also participated in workshops put on by the American Shakespeare Center and the Globe Theatre. I bring my theatre and writing training to bear on my work in the classroom.

Theatre. When I served as a TA for a Shakespeare course, I spent time on performance exercises in a section of 19 students to stimulate discussion about how certain performance choices could expand or change the meanings of a text. I plan to expand on this in a Fall 2017 Shakespeare elective with a formal assignment on performance and textual interpretation.

Writing. I’m interested in using creative writing assignments in English literature classroom to encourage students to take risks and work outside of their comfort zones. To that end, I ensure that each course I teach has at least one formal creative assignment. Examples of assignments include a group comedy sketch (Freshman Writing Seminar, 2016) and a open-ended creative project in literary adaptation (Literature Core, 2017).