Teaching Evaluations

(Scores out of 5.)

Student Comments

Shakespeare (Fall 2017)

Kelsey is very enthusiastic about the course material. Her activities (especially the performance exercises) are very fun and help to understand the material, and make it more accessible.

I love the clips she sends out in advance & the extra/supplementary reading is always very interesting. She is awesome! I never realized how fun & interesting & engaging Shakespeare is until I took this course!

I love doing performances of scenes in class, it definitely helps me to understand the text 

I really like the in-class readings/performances. While I do get a little nervous having to get in front of the class, this activity has pushed me. When I read the text for homework, I find myself reading it completely monotone and not totally aware of the elements of the scene I should be finding funny/emotional. So the performance activities really help.

I also really like the acting portion of the class because you get to work with all your classmates and it‘s engaging, letting you look at Shakespeare in a different way.

The use of different styles and productions (both films and students’ scenes) allow for 
different interpretations and points of view that may not initially be obvious.

Lit Core: Literature & Adaptation (Spring 2017)

Kelsey is really interested in the topics she teaches and also in what her students have to say about them. She loves hearing students’ opinions and will shape class discussions based on what people are interested in. She picks texts which her students are interested by instead of just the “great works”.

[Kelsey] is very enthusiastic about the material that she teaches and always makes sure that the students are engaged with the material.

This course presented literature through a very interesting medium. Looking at the different adaptations of literary works allowed for discussions on different social issues and creative decisions made by those who created the adaptation.

Interesting discussions, open structure allowed the class to create discussions which were engaging, teacher was passionate and very encouraging to students.

Kelsey Norwood knows how to make a literature class engaging and fun!

First-Year Writing Seminar (Fall 2016)

I liked that [the course] pushed me out of my comfort zone in writing and I feel as though I have come out as a better writer with a unique style.

[Kelsey] not only assigned relevant and interesting topics to write about, but further encouraged writing by making the work increasingly enjoyable as the year passed.

Provided many opportunities to grow as a writer through the very diverse curriculum. Students found themselves writing in many different writing styles in a very engaging, friendly environment.

The teacher is very enthusiastic, understanding, and helpful. The class is a lot of work but the material is very interesting and relatable to our daily lives.

[Kelsey] is a great teacher and I have learned a lot about writing techniques and how to explain better in my writing.

This was a great class. For those of us who were already strong writers, our skills were further improved upon. For those who didn’t quite have as firm a grasp on writing, many of the basics were taught and refined.