Syllabi & Service

I have taught the following undergraduate courses at BC:

  1. First Year Writing Seminar: Writing & Pop Culture (syllabus)
  2. Literature Core: Literature & Adaptation (syllabus)
  3. Shakespeare: Text, Performance, Adaptation (syllabus)
  4. Literature Core: Queer Drama and Film

Service and Related Work
During my time at BC, I have been committed to exploring pedagogy questions in a group setting. During the 2016-17 school year, I served as the co-director of the department’s PhD student Pedagogy Seminar and arranged seminars on topics including “Teaching Close Reading,” “Finding Your Teaching Persona,” and “Balancing Teaching with Research, Writing and Service.”

In 2017, I created and compiled a website that showcases the work done by First-Year Writing instructors at Boston College. This website provides sample syllabi, assignments, and handouts for new graduate student instructors to consult as they design their FWS courses.

Currently, I work as a Learning Technology Assistant at BC’s Center for Teaching Excellence.